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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I'm Paulina.

This year I finished my bachelor's studies in Multimedia & Computer design, received my IT diploma, and a few weeks ago I hit my anniversary of 4 years working at Unity Technologies. At Unity Technologies I tried quite a few different roles - I was a tester, a QA Lead and now I am an Asset Store Content Curator where I check thousands of assets, help publishers succeed in their business, and I create real time visual effects for Unity's internal teams (you can further read more about my work experience in 'About Me' tab).

Real time visual effects is that passion which I found on my journey that I desperately needed and when I found it suddenly everything made sense. I've decided to start a blog so I could share with you what I've learned about real time visual effects and my experiences so far. On this blog, you can expect to find various techniques of real time VFX creation, tutorials, resources, tips & tricks, my reviews on the already released courses and books related to VFX, insights on how to start making money from real time VFX & be successful on online marketplaces (especially Asset Store). So stick around and come back more often, as I will share free downloadable content and other goodies & surprises.

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