Resource Fridays #10

The RTVFX Podcast

I am not sure how I missed this earlier, but if you are like me, somehow you missed the RTVFX Podcast. I already binged watched a lot of episodes once I found it and I can say it is really, really good. The creator of this podcast is Travis McCallum, he interviews VFX artist from indie game studios to AAA studios, where they share their experience and give some tips for the other artists.

Listen to the podcast here:

Arsiliath - compute shader magic

Shining some light on an amazing artist (and a tutor!) - Arsiliath. Arsiliath creates compute shaders related to biological & physical simulations. The work is breathtaking and inspiring. Take a look below to catch a glimpse of the amazing creations.

Arsiliath also runs advanced workshops that introduce compute shaders via a series of video tutorials. I am glad to say that I will be attending this workshop starting from February up until the end of March, Arsilaith hosts these workshops pretty frequently so if you have a chance and you are interested in creating something interesting I recommend looking into it.

How stunning visual effects bring Ghost of Tsushima to life

Matt Vaino, the lead visual effects artist at Sucker Punch Productions, wrote an amazing blog post about visual effects that were used in Ghost of Tsushima. This is a deep dive into the wind, weather, and interactive particles that were used in the game.

A very interesting and detailed breakdown that is well written.

That is all for this week. I hope you have a lovely and creative week ahead!


Paulina ❤️

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