Resource Fridays #4

Ivan Boyko

For this week, I would like to highlight a VFX artist and 2D animator Ivan Boyko who currently works at MY.GAMES. I have found his effects recently and I just find them so refreshing and inspiring. His animation is carefully crafted and full of life, I really like the movement flow that he creates with little details, and I would really like to add that he is using animation principles as a pro. He also shares his step by step process, in the links provided below, so I strongly recommend you check him out to enhance your visual library and get inspired!

Solving an Invisible Problem: Designing for Color-Blindness in Games by Douglas Pennant

For visual artists, color is one of the strongest tools that we can use and it can really make things or break them, and it can really, and I mean really break it for people who have color blindness or low-vision, or both! Many game developers, unfortunately, still brush off color blindness issue, and view it as unimportant, adding color blindness modes at the end of game development that are not really that good, or not adding them all.

Color blindness is a topic that I have been interested in and researching for a while, as I find it quite peculiar, how color can be perceived differently depending on what type of sight you have, so I would like to continue to raise awareness of this issue.

Douglas Pennant has made an amazing presentation at GDC 2019 about color blindness that I keep coming back to, as it is so informative and full of examples. He is color blind himself so he shares his own experiences with the games he played and also gives tips on how to create games that are more accessible to the color blind.

We love video games so let's make them accessible to more people, as the industry is so diverse. You might not be able to persuade everybody in your team when creating a game but you can raise awareness of this issue and apply little changes to your own work!

'Sea of Thieves' VFX

I recently started to play 'Sea of Thieves' which is developed by Rare. I've heard of 'Sea of Thieves' from the meme that was circling around on the internet and I can definitely confirm that the excitement that is shown in the video is present in the game! If you haven't heard of it, 'Sea of Thieves' is an action-adventure game that offers an essential pirate experience from sailing and fighting to exploring and looting!

But honestly, what really caught my eye was the beautiful water that they have in the game. I love all things marine, and the sea in the game is just as beautiful as in the real life. Take a look at the example below.

What's more important, that the team who developed the visual effects has shared some very informative videos about the effect creation. They actually built a studio for the effects, lighted fires, splashed water around, took pictures, and then added to the game!

Finally, I would like to share 'Sea of Thieves: Tech Art and Shader Development' presentation that was made by Valentine Kozin at GDC 2019. Valentine gives a very in-depth presentation about how they used Houdini to create new shaders and create assets specifically for those shaders. Problem-solving at it's best.

That is all for this week, as always, have a creative week ahead.

Winter is coming! ❄️


Paulina ❤️

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