Resource Fridays #5

Frostpunk Heatmap tutorial by Lexdev

Since winter is here and I am already cranking up my heat 🥶, I wanted to share a shader tutorial by Lex which is based on Frostpunk's heatmap view, basically a shader of data visualization that shows which temperature level each building has. This tutorial will teach you how to use compute shaders, shader variants, and at the same time, you'll get a basic understanding of deferred rendering and how to write shaders that support it.

This tutorial is for Unity engine, however, the tutorial is quite in-depth and can be applied to other engines as well. Lex also provides a template project, so right from the start you can jump in and learn how to make the shader. I would like to point out that this case study is aimed towards intermediates, however, Lex has other tutorials that are more beginner-friendly on the site!

Christopher Sims Mars scene on Shadergraph

Christopher Sims has shared beautifully stylized Shadergraphs on Twitter that were created with Unity engine, URP with no textures at all!

He shares a full break down and the source files. The breakdown can be found in the comments of the tweet. These shaders were based on the previous shaders that he created but with a lot more geometry for some of the objects in the scene.

Overall I really like the aesthetic of it, I love pastel colors! Go ahead and follow him on Twitter, he publishes shaders every week and everything he does is put on GitHub!

Visual Effects Bootcamp: How to Go from Good to Great by Christina Wun

Christina Wun has made a presentation in GDC17 about toxic work culture and how Riot Game's VFX team has moved away from it. Upon watching this video I was really skeptical about it first because it has quite mean comments under it as the title is a bit misleading for people, however, if you are working in a team that is toxic and does not have a strong team environment, where everybody is open to give feedback and learn from it, your creative work will suffer immensely, something that a lot of people do not wrap their heads around. Artists are sensitive about their work and we tend to build unnecessary walls which most of the time keeps us away from improving. Definitely a must-watch, something to pay attention to and even bring new traditions to your team.

Golden thoughts to take away from this:

  • There is nothing to prove;

  • We are all perpetual students;

  • Trust in the capabilities of others;

  • Tests dig deeper than craft.

That is all for this week, have a creative week ahead and stay warm!


Paulina ❤️

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