Resource Fridays #6

This week was quite something! Preparations for holidays, COVID-19 spike-ups in Lithuania with a stricter quarantine, Cyberpunk 2077 coming out... somehow I already managed to strain my eyes, unfortunately, they were not prepared for all this fun 😁 This week I also came across interesting presentations and even some free textures for VFX creation that you can find below.

'Fast, Cheap and Flashy An Indie Art Direction Adventure' by Adam DeGrandis

GDC has started releasing some old presentations on their Youtube channel and 'Fast, Cheap and Flashy An Indie Art Direction Adventure' is a gem that you should take a look at. In this GDC 2017 talk, Adam DeGrandis from Chickadee Games breaks down the visual design process for 'Tooth and Tail'. He shares lessons that they learned along the way, the lessons that we probably know but don't pay much attention to, it includes: 'Want to be a better artist? Skip software tutorials and learn art fundamentals' and 'Uncertainty is one of your worst enemies'. This talk is full of lessons, advice, and even technical problem-solving.

'Realtime Unity VFX Tutorial: The 3 Core Elements you NEED To know' by Nicolas Trevisan

I came across this presentation absolutely accidentally, thanks to the YouTube algorithm! Nicolas created a bomb presentation in which he shows how he created a fire VFX inspired by The Witcher's 3 'Igni' fire attack. Even though the title says that it is a Unity tutorial, I would disagree and just say that this is more of a breakdown that can be used in any engine. This presentation breaks down the effect to the core, showing what textures were used (yay for texture math!), and it even shows the concept stage with references. I would say this is a perfect watch for beginners as it really breaks everything down from the start till the end, explaining the VFX fundamentals.

Luos' Free Noise Textures (for VFX)

Yoeri Luos Vleer has shared 68 noise textures to use for VFX. Absolutely for free! The package which he shares includes: 6 merged noise textures, 22 noise gradient textures, 28 noise normal maps, paste-file for UE4 material setup, image to setup UE4 Material, examples on how to set the texture options in UE4.

This is a great package for anybody that wants to expand their texture library - the more textures the more iterations!

That is all for this week, have a lovely and creative week ahead! Keep the city burning samurais 😉


Paulina ❤️

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