Resource Fridays #7

'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice' VFX development

'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice' is an incredible game that was developed and published by Ninja Theory. The game follows a female character Senua, a warrior that makes her way to Helheim to rescue the soul of her dead lover from the goddess Hela. The game is strongly inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture, and it easily finds a spot in my heart as one of my favorite games. The game really leads you through a journey and even raises awareness for mental issues such as psychosis, since Senua struggles with it throughout the game (the developers even worked closely with neuroscientists, mental health specialists, and people suffering from it to represent psychosis accurately). What also caught my eye was the VFX in the game - floating runes, weather system, volumetric fog, optical illusions... Ninja Theory was releasing development diaries while they were making the game and I really wanted to share one related to VFX, so here it is, unfortunately, there is an age restriction on the video and you can only view it on Youtube directly.

There is also another video released which shows a bit of the mo-cap technologies that they used and in general behind the scenes.

Ninja Theory is already working on the sequel for the game and I can't wait! You watch the trailer here.

'Shockwave Shader Graph - How to make a shock wave shader in Unity URP/HDRP' by GameDevBill

As I am diving more into shaders I keep coming across some great tutorials and I really don't want them to drown into the YouTube algorithm! There is a great channel on Youtube called GameDevBill, he posts various Unity's Shadergraph tutorials, where he explains everything in depth. This time I wanted to share a video of his that shows how to create a Shockwave effect.

There is also a written version of the tutorial here.

I definitely recommend checking out his other videos too and the blog!

The Biggest Mistake Every Artist Makes - Basics vs Fundamentals

I love this video by Flipped Normals so much, I even watched it a few times to remind some parts for myself. It's really crucial to understand and separate the basics and fundamentals of your craft to exceed as an artist. I feel like a lot of VFX artists get hung up on the latest advanced techniques, focusing on the software rather than fundamentals such as color, shape, timing, etc.. No wonder how cool your technique is and how well you know the software, if you lack fundamental knowledge of your craft your art won't be as good.

That is all for this week, have a lovely and creative week ahead, Happy Holidays, and stay warm!


Paulina ❤️

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