Resource Fridays #8

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a lovely holiday period. Resource Fridays series are back with more goodies. I will continue to release new posts every Friday, so stick around to get inspired! This week I have a spotlight on Half-Life: Alyx bottle liquid shader, Path of Exile game effects, and a technique on using stacked planes to mimic ray-marching.

Why the liquids in Half-Life: Alyx look so dang good?

Maybe this video will help you understand. Polygon has released a new video, where Simone de Rochefort interviews Matt Wilde, the VFX developer at Valve. In this video, Matt explains how the liquid in the bottles was created and what was the process behind it. As always, some smoke & mirrors to trick us - shader magic.

Creating Game Effects in Path of Exile

The Path of Exile team was really kind to upload this presentation, where Ivan Leong, senior visual effects artist, talks about how they create the VFX for Path of Exile. and even showing a complete breakdown of an effect! A shoutout and thanks to Jonas Uosis for sharing this with me.

Realtime 3D Spiral Noise FX

I recently came across this tutorial which shows how to use stacked planes to mimic ray-marching, which was created by Late (unfortunately, I was not able to find more information about this developer). Although this is not the first time that I am seeing this, I love the way it is simply explained. Even though this tutorial is created for blender it can be applied to Unity or Unreal.

Short and sweet, that is all for this week. I hope you have a lovely and creative week ahead!


Paulina ❤️

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