Resource Fridays #9

I've noticed that over the last weeks I was focusing more on learning resources rather than something to inspire you. So here is a bit of a shake-up (I still couldn't resist adding a tutorial, sorry).

RubenFro - Immersive Media and Real-time VFX Artist using photogrammetry & Unity3D

I came across the amazing work of RubenFro, a real-time VFX artist who uses photogrammetry and shaders to make creative videos. According to RubenFro's site, the video below was created by filming the city with 360 cameras and capturing point cloud. The VFX is running in real-time in Unity, using a custom shader that was specifically developed for the fast and cinematic rendering of point clouds. This video was also selected as 'Staff Pick' and 'Best of the Month April 2020' on Vimeo.

Here you can see a behind the scenes video.

I strongly recommend to check out RubenFro's work!

RubenFro's site

RubenFro Instagram

RubenFro's Youtube

PolyToots Icicle Shader with Amplify [URP]

PolyToots has released a new tutorial for creating an icicle shader in Unity by using Amplify shader editor. I still haven't got around to completing it, although this is something on my to-do list. PolyToots thoroughly explains the nodes which makes it super easy to understand and to learn from, after the tutorials you can easily apply the knowledge to your other projects. If you use the Unreal Engine I encourage you not to shy away, as this can be applied to other shader editors. I really recommend checking out his channel for more tutorials!

PolyToots Youtube

Some of the best advice for Creatives & Artists

Lately, I've been pondering about creativity. Looking at other fields, what do other artists have to say about it, what's their experience with it. I came across this clip from Russel Brand's podcast 'Under the Skin' with Elizabeth Gilbert which I really liked. Mostly, because she took words out of my mouth - the advice she gives strongly correlates with what I experienced this last year. The video has such topics as war with creativity, fetishized view of the artist, the gap of your abilities and frustration around it, how to remove the frustration and perfectionism.

That is all for this week. I hope you have a lovely and creative week ahead!


Paulina ❤️

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