Updates and Summer '21 roadmap

Updated: Sep 4

Hey! 👋

I am back. I am back with updates and a smallish Summer '21 roadmap for personal projects & the Asset Store.

Still, no matter how much you plan, life finds its own way 😁 The compute workshop that I enrolled in should be completed by now but still I have some assignments left. I guess when life just drops some cool opportunities to gain experience just have to go with it 🤷‍♀️ (OK, also as the sun is out, I just can't resist some rollerskating & biking while listening to some funky tunes).

Below you will find my plans (and my best attempt to time manage) until the end of Summer. I will probably make some updates in between if anything major changes. The main focus will be on the Asset Store with personal projects living in between so I am leaving myself some wiggle room with no specific dates for them.

The site and personal projects:

  • After further consideration 'Resource Fridays' will be now discontinued, I will focus more on in-depth articles that provide more value to you, e.g. 'Diving into Color. Tips and Tricks I use for using color'. If many useful articles accumulate, I will be making one big post about it 😉

  • Finish compute Shader workshop. ✔️

  • Unity VFX tutorial (particularly looking into Timeline & Shadergraph for VFX).

  • Free texture pack.

  • More project showcases (they really got piled up 😁 oops) ✔️

  • 3 personal project breakdowns, focusing more on stylized attack VFX. [2/3]

Asset Store:

  • End of April/Early May - new VFX package. ✔️

  • End of June - new VFX package. ⚠️ (Delayed: end of summer or sooner)

  • July - Small updates to live packages, possibly make a bundle with all of the realistic VFX packages. ✔️

  • August - URP support to live packages. ✔️

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