'Sacred Geometry VFX Volume 1' package rework

I decided to revisit my old project which was created a while ago to improve it. The goal of this project was to practice color. While creating this, I took several color theory courses which taught me quite a few things that I got to apply and eventually develop my own color picking/applying workflow.  The theme of this project is 'Sacred Geometry'. 


'The term ‘Sacred Geometry’ refers to various shapes and forms that have been used traditionally in art, architecture and meditation for thousands of years. These same shapes and forms are also found in natural organisms. From honeycomb, to the scales of a fish, to the neural networks of our brains, all of life is composed of intricate patterns.'

In total, I designed 9 effects with particle system, that have specific 9 geometric shapes:

  • Dodecagram;

  • Flower of Life;

  • Hexagon (Metatron Adaptation);

  • Hexagon Formation;

  • Icosahedron;

  • Metatron's Cube;

  • Piscis Eye Trinity;

  • Seed of Life;

  • Vesica Piscis Eye.

Software I used:

Unity (2019.4.0f1) - for creating particle systems and the scenes,

Adobe Photoshop - textures and texture touch-up;

Adobe Illustrator  - sacred geometry designs (textures);

Blender - 3D models.


To start, all of the geometrical shape textures were designed in Adobe Illustrator and then transferred to Photoshop to add the glow effect. Both simple and glow versions of the symbols were used while making the effects. In addition, you can find 5 textures below that were also created in Photoshop: gradient, beam, blob, circle and a glowing circle. With Blender, I created a 3D mesh that looks like a tube that will later act as a glow effect.


The key to creating these effects was layering. The effects range from 16 to 21 particle systems in total. These effects do not use any custom shaders and were created with Unity's legacy particle additive and alpha blend shaders. Particles used Horizontal Billboard render mode for all of the textures that were on the ground, stretched billboard for particles flying in and out, mesh for the tube mesh, billboard for the flying particles at the end. I split the effect into 3 parts: anticipation, climax, and dissipation.

Anticipation consists of two particle systems that have flying particles to the center of the effect, a symbol, or a few, that are rotating and shrinking, a couple of circles around the symbol, a particle system with the beam texture in the middle for a glow effect and the mesh with the gradient texture to create a glow.

Climax consists of two particle systems that have flying particles out of the center, a symbol, or a few, that quickly get bigger, a couple of circles around the symbol, a particle system with the beam texture in the middle for a glow effect, and a mesh particle system with the gradient texture to create a glow. One of the circle particle systems have a light prefab attached so other objects in the inherit the main color of the effect.






Dissipation consist of symbols that appeared before but now have a dark gray color, so that it would look like a burnout, and also floating particles.


As mentioned before, the core focus of this project was practicing color and I must say, coming up with 9 color palettes was a bit challenging but it really pushed me out of the comfort zone. Looking back at what I created previously the improvement is surely visible, below you can find examples of the same project that was created nearly 2 years ago.


The fundamentals are an endless depth where you can make improvements infinitely and I am glad to be learning and perfecting them everyday.

The 'Sacred Geometry VFX Volume 1' package is available for sale at the 'Asset Store' and you can get it here.